Know, Act and Be!


Our history

Michel Bourassa founded Soutex in 2000. Since then, the team has grown continuously to meet our clients’ demands and it now comprises more than 40 metallurgists, process engineers and technicians. Soutex represents one of the largest groups of specialists in this field in Canada.

Our advantages

Our customer-oriented approach, our rigor in project execution, the quality of our services and our competitive rates are all strategic factors which support our partnership with other engineering firms and the on-going business activities with our clients.

Our values

The efficiency of the Soutex project teams is based on the enhancement and development of individual knowledge and rigorous working and collaboration methods. The individual members of the team are held in high esteem and excellent human relations are one of our key priorities.

Soutex evolving

After more than ten years, Soutex needed to refresh its image in order to reflect the quality of work produced by its team.